Random Start: Baroness - Yellow Theme + Take My Bones Away

My shuffle gave me Yellow Theme as my random start. A minute and a half long ambient intro isn’t the best way to start of an important day so I decided to put in the transition tune right after it. And it so happens to be my favorite from Yellow. It’s been awhile Baroness.

Sweatiest Dude From a Band Award goes to John Baizley (proof is this video)


Bell’s Oberon Ale - Deschutes Brewery, Michigan

American Pale Wheat Ale - 5.8% ABV

Drop the Blue Moon guys. Oberon should be your go-to summer brew.

Here’s a pretentious beer review that we can not understand together! Woo:

Bottle: Poured a hazy yellow ale with some white haze and a medium bubbly white head with average retention. Aroma of weak wheat with some discernable hops. Taste is quite refreshing with a nice dose of wheat back with some sensible Saaz hops, which provide character without shadowing all the malt. Body is above average and about right for the style. Very enjoyable beer overall and would make a great session beer for hot summer days. - Some guy from Canada on beeradvocate

Bell’s will probably always be my favorite brewery. Oberon is a staple in the midwest during the summer so I make sure to purchase it for the sunniest of days. 

Random Start: The Hold Steady - Lord, I’m Discouraged

The Hold Steady is hit or miss, depending on the day. I’m not sure this was the right song for this morning because I think I’m going to go get a donut soon and that’s not discouraging. That’s a daymaker right there.

Craig Finn HAS to be Randy Newman’s son. HAS TO BE. 

Click here for a link to an interview with Mr. Craig that’s conducted by Drew Magary, one of my favorite internet writers (that offers no proof that Finn is Newman’s son but is pretty interesting regardless).

Random Start: The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don’t Haunt This Place

RAA was one band that I constantly drilled into my head to get over the bad vocals. Sorry, I feel bad for calling them bad since I don’t mind their singing style now but when I first listened to RAA, I thought I was listening to dying cats with amazing songwriting. Most times, I honestly can’t get over the voice but between these guys and Fucked Up, I can forgive it - and honestly enjoy Nils’ voice.

It’s been too long. We need more music please.


Transition is a weekly post about a playlist of new albums I choose to listen to every week. I try and sit down – or jog with – each album daily until a week has past. Then it’s time for a new one! I’m creating an archive of albums on my Spotify until I die, Spotify gets into a worrisome lawsuit, or I go deaf. You can find me in the Spotifysphere at vheissu15. 

This is the very last playlist until Winnipeg Folk Festival so I’m tripling up on this playlist since I fell short on getting to everyone playing this year. It means if you want to talk to me, I’ll need to be listening to these albums while we talk. Want to see a movie? Too bad, let’s watch videos of Sharon Van Etten harmonizing the SADDEST songs ever. Oh FIFA is going on? Well whatever, can Brazilians kick a ball as hard as Pete Seeger kicked American history right in the pro-greedy/anti-union/environment ruining, money sack? (shit I’m rambling it’s time for the playlist)


Hiss Golden Messenger - Poor Moon

I normally see awful band names and try not to judge since I would probably name a band after my puppies or a terrible inside joke. 

Jake Shimabukuro - Grand Ukelele

Fun Brian history fact: Shimabukuro was one of the first musicians my old radio station was interested in for a Fargo show. With little money, some aspirations but also some petrified thoughts of going forever broke, we decided not to pursue a Fargo theatre show with him. (he came to Fargo, sold extremely well, and we wept slowly into our pretend ukuleles).

Sharon Van Etten - Because I Was In Love

The more Etten the better. 

Elephant Revival - It’s Alive

I was HOOKED on “These Changing Skies” after the first listen. Luckily I alphabetized my musicians in my playlists because ‘E’ came on right in time before the big week. I’ll be seeing lots of ‘em. 

JP HOE - Mannequin

Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside

Kacy & Clayton - The Day is Past & Gone

As a musician, how would you decide to choose between the *and* symbol, aka *&*, and “and”. Ahhh, seeing some many ands kinda makes you dizzy. It’s actually so weird. I hate and now.

Pete Seeger - The Essential Pete Seeger

I split this one into 4 different playlists. It’s a lengthy collab. 

Bonnie Raitt - Luck of the Draw

I’ve been listening to a lot of Raitt lately. Not to be confused with Ratt. But if Bonnie decides to cover Round & Round at the Folk Festival, I’ll be ALLLLL for it. And I feel like I saved the best for last since this album has the song that Bon Iver covered and gosh it’s soooooooooooooooooooo emotional how will I ever recover. 


Constantines - S/T

I didn’t get around to all the musicians I wanted to in this weekly write up but I did find a hidden gem in Constantines/Bry Webb. I fear that I may have missed them 5 years too late to reeeeeally get into them. But I’m getting the same vibes I got when I saw John K. Samson play solo songs my first year at the folk festival without seeing him play songs for the Weakerthans. This will always be a memory.

Ben Harper & the Blind Boys of Alabama

Never been interested in Gospel albums but all it took is listening to this specimen a couple times this week. I want more and I wish I had seen more Blind Boys of Alabama last year. (closing ceremony was incredibly emotional for me. It was the final moment of the best vacation*)

*prior to the drunken volleyball incident (in the dark)

One final thought. It’s so weird to have another year of this planned ahead of me. Why did I just call it a year? Well, by accident. But I think I’m catching on to myself. Day one was me as an uncomfortable college Sophomore trying to experience something daring and new, so I tried this festival out. And by sunset of day one, I vowed I would attend this festival every single year the rest of my life. It’s the beginning and end of the year for me. I have so many satisfying and -good- life changing experiences in my life but the festival tops it all. 

But next year might be different. I could be too far away. I could be too broke. I might not get time off. I might get framed for an arrest and never be able to cross borders again. I’ll always want to attend but if it’s out of my control, then I know that this festival has allowed me to break out of my shell. I had a lot to fear but I conquered it and found so much to love out of it. The Folk Festival could have been ground breaking, coming of age story that gets me to trip into a successful career. Or find the next love of my life. Or allow me to make more important memories than just a musical experience. Or all of the above. Wow, I’m looking forward to next week. And the rest of my life.

Random Start: The Get Up Kids - Shatter Your Lungs

This brings me back to my days at the radio station. I would ALWAYS play this song for how catchy it is. Listeners probably hated me. 

Random Start: Matt Pond - Hole In My Heart

What’s the difference between Matt Pond PA and Matt Pond? And how does he have such calming, autumny music AND have the last name Pond? ILLUMINATI

This song/album actually didn’t feel as seasonal as his previous albums. It was definitely upbeat and dare I say…. dancier? Dancier but so so so so good. Luckily, this popped up because I haven’t checked out his new album! 

Random Start: Ryan Adams - Tina Toledo’s Street Walking Blues

If I was counting, I’m sure Ryan Adams has randomly popped up most on these posts. And if I was counting some more, every time he has popped up I’ve bragged about seeing him with my good pal, Wade. *for free* Boooya internet. 

I’m also sure Ryan Adams admitted to doing more drugs than the amount of non-prescription drugs you and I have taken in our lives (which is easy since I never pop pills for anything. I suffer through my headaches because THE PAIN LET’S YOU KNOW YOU’RE REAL - or a nap+water usually resolves everything for me). I wonder how many of songs are actually about drugs instead of other things - like love since you all think Ryan Adams only sings about love.

Random Start: Deftones - Gauze

I’ve met too many people who like Deftones for White Pony without hearing their two latest albums. It’s a darn shame since these albums are pure metal - and listenable to those who don’t listen to anything too heavy. 

And I will always want to hear Chino Moreno’s voice, no matter the circumstances. 

Random Start: Cave In - Sing My Loves

My actual random start was Penny Racer but the song isn’t on YouTube. You can never go wrong with both a whole lotta Cave In after waking up.