Falcon Export

Carlsberg Sverige AB, Sweden

Euro Pale Lager - 5.2% ABV

FIRST BEER FROM SWEDEN! And it’s my first beer in over a couple weeks which isn’t too normal for me but budget cuts are in place after all my money was wasted away in two separate trips to Canada. God Canada, you’re way too expensive. I need to stop going.

What The Hell Did I Just Read? Pretentious Reviewer Excerpt (SWEDISH EDITION)

Burk från SB. Luktar malt och bröd. Smakar malt och bröd. Ganska mkt alkohol slår igenom.

Some guy from Sweden on

Special thanks to my coworker Sarah for bringing this back to me from her vacation. What a gem. And if you guys want to win my heart over, all you have to do is travel and bring back some foreign beer to me. 

I read somewhere along the way that this was the 5th most sold beer in Sweden so I’ll have to be on the look out for some more popular Scandinavian brews in the future. This only as my second Pale Lager also so I have to keep an eye out on them because I enjoy them a lot more than pilsners or typical domestic lagers. 

Random Start: Old Man Gloom - Gift

I thought I would enjoy a lot more Old Man Gloom material being that it’s a supergroup consisting of members from Isis, Cave In, and Converge. But the music is just too patient or weird sometimes. The last half of “Gift” is a rewarding payout for listening to Old Man Gloom and is enough to awake me fully. 

Random Start: Fucked Up - Son the Father

I’ve been listening to a lot of Fucked Up since I got a hold of their new album for my Transition post - and I didn’t like it all that much. Truth be told, I haven’t listened to anything off “The Chemistry of Common Life” but this is the kind of Fucked Up that seems right up my alley.


Transition is a weekly post about a playlist of new albums I’m listening to. I sit down with each album daily until the week is up. Then it’s time for a new playlist! I’m creating an archive of albums on my Spotify until I die or I go deaf. You can find me in the Spotisphere at vheissu15.

Current Lineup

Bob Mould - Beauty & Ruin

I’m still in 2014 catch-up mode after listening to nothing but musicians from the festival last month. Bob Mould’s album is going to be a cool listen through since I’m not familiar with his solo material but I love Husker Du. I’m excited to start off with this and work my way back into his older catalog.

First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

I was sold from the sisters’ first release so the expectations are high on Stay Gold.

Jack White - Lazaretto

Call me crazy, but this is my first Jack White album of any sorts that I’m actually sitting down to listen to from front to back. Maybe this is the start of some crazy, music addiction that won’t end. Or maybe I’ll feel underwhelmed since everyone is crazy hard on Jack White.

Past Lineup

The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt

Still up for the worst album cover of the year. But not up for worst record. I’ll love anything this band will do. They have a way into my heart.

Favorite songs include: Stay Vicious (strangely heavy), Red Violins, Ain’t That a Shame

Chevelle - La Gargola

I’m sure we all have something we can’t let go of from high school even though we realize it isn’t all that good now that we’ve grown out of that stage in our life. Chevelle will always be that pure hatred fueled post-grunge stage of my life I reached back in 9th grade. But I always keep listening and finding that I don’t absolutely hate it. No regrets.

Favorite Songs: They all kind of blurred together to be honest

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

I couldn’t get into this album as much as David Comes to Life. I don’t have much else to say besides that - except that I’m sure my mother would be pumped that I’m listening to a band called Fucked Up.

Random Start: Rocky Votolato - Sun Devil

I’ve seen Rocky Votolato four times now including two house tours and two venue shows. His live show doesn’t wear out on me. I could see him four more times this year and I would be just as excited as the first.

One year, I believe he played this at a house show and his wife was in attendance. He played this song for her. My heart is still in a puddle on that living room floor.

Random Start: Pixies - Oh My Golly!

I’m not exactly familiar with all the Pixies material but this is weirdly getting me to want to listen to more of them. 

Random Start: Taylor Swift - 22

I forget to do random starts for a month and then this happens. Jeez. 

I actually like this song. Buzz off.

Park in Winnipeg. Hanging out with some dorks.


Surly Furious

Surly Brewing Company - Brooklyn Center, MN

American IPA - 6.20% ABV


Furious is right. This beer isn’t light on the taste buds - it’s abusive. I started with Two Hearted for IPAs and even struggled with that at first. Furious was the toughest beer I ever had to finish. It’s like reading a difficult book like Infinite Jest or something as dense as Heart of Darkness. The commitment is rewarding in the end but it’s not terribly fun to do it all day.

What The Hell Did I Just Read? Excerpt

"Rustic orange-butterscotch with a gorgeous infusion of sunset coral red when backlit. A few stray bubbles rise slowly through the hop dust haze to plonk into the underside of a heavily cream cap of pastel caramel foam. Although it isn’t quite a lace monster, the array of abstract patterned lace definitely qualifies as eye candy. 

The secret to this excellent India Pale Ale, other than the dizzying amount of hop flavor and hop bitterness, is in the hop bill itself. Who would have thought that a combination of Amarillo, Ahtanum, Simcoe and Warrior would result in a beer with such a broad and deep flavor profile? Caramel covered white grapefruit pith is dominant. Candied pineapple and all manner of fermented tropical fruity funk are present as well.”

Some dude from Iowa on Beer Advocate

This was actually one of my first IPAs I’ve ever tasted and it was too complex for me to appreciate at first. It was too rough, too bitter, and I wasn’t excited about the grape fruit taste. As I expanded my palate, I’ve grown to find this as one of the more unique beers I’ve ever had.

Random Start: Xavier Rudd - Cultural Bleeding

Xavier is one of those musicians that I like enough to watch live but I can’t really sit down and listen to an album through. I’ll always give him mad props for using didgeridoos though. 

Xavier Rhodes is going to have a breakthrough season for the Vikings this year. Mark my words.