Fallen Angel Sweet Stout

Empyrean Brewing Company, Nebraska

Stout - ABV 5.50%

Hey gurl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I bought this beer the day after seeing my Director of Church Education from the church I haven’t gone to in almost 4 years. The thought didn’t cross my mind until I started writing this post actually. If I’m going to hell, then fine! As long as I’ve had a go at this beer at least a couple times in my life.

Here’s the part where we analyze a review together but fail because we didn’t understand a single thing from it.

Brown pour that looks black in the glass. Loose, off white, tan head. About 2 fingers. Sticky lacing is splotchy

Faint lactose aroma. Coffee underneath. Roasted malt and almond bark. 

A balanced taste. Sweet up front and in the end. Middle has a coffee tannin, cocoa. Soft licorice and nutty flavors come and go. Body tends to me smooth and creamy, but the tannin breaks it up. 

Well balanced sweet stout. Carbonation is medium and leaves some of the sweet lactose in place

Some dude from Colorado on beeradvocate

The restaurant I work at blew a keg in under 2 days of this stuff and I didn’t have the chance to try it. It was an easy decision to scope it out at the local beer store and give it a chance. I can see why it went so fast. Pretty darn tasty. 

Random Start: Misfits - Walk Among Us

I borrowed this album from a friend and haven’t looked into at all. So there’s really nothing I can add to this post except… this song wasn’t too bad to listen to for the first time around!


Long Strange Tripel

Boulevard Brewing Company, Missouri

Tripel - ABV 9.2%

Nothing strange about it. Usually I hate tripel’s because they usually taste like blonde ales hopped up on carbonation (and blonde ales are boring to me). I can almost feels the bubbles run down my throat. It’s not a comfortable feeling. The Long Strange still has the carbonation but it doesn’t have the taste that a typical blonde ale or tripel has. The taste just sits in the back of my tongue and feels like it a layered pile of bad breath. Long Strange sits well. 

Here’s a beer review where we read something together and guess what half it even means.

Atlanta Ale meeting. Good head on a Belgian light colour. Thick mouthfeel and lots of malt. Quite yeasty. Smooth taste, yeasty aroma and yeast in taste. On the sweet side, but not too sweet. Spices like corriander. Well suitably carbonated. Not a bad one.

Some dude from Atlanta on beeradvisor

Every time I see the word mouthfeel… I’ll skip what I was thinking. You know you don’t pass over the word like it’s nothing dirty. 


Schell’s Fresh Hop

August Schell Brewing Company, Minnesota

German Pilsener - ABV 5.0%

I haven’t tried many pilsners in my day besides the excessive amounts of piss water they handed out for cheap at mug nights during college. This and Pilsner Urqeull are up there for beers I’ve really enjoyed.

Here’s the part of BEER TIME! where we look at a review together and not understand anything about it:

Hazy pale straw gold, fluffy head of white foam. Sticky halo of lacing in the glass, lasting surface coverage. Lasting surface skim.

Sulfuric lager yeast aroma initially, subtle hop character in the background, pleasant but the lager yeastiness is almost too overpowering. As it warms the Mosaic hop gets a little more pungent and green, slightly catty with traces of green onion.

Simple pilsner malt forms the base vehicle that showcases the subtle and fresh Mosaic hops nicely. Light grassy bitterness, honeysuckle, shortbread. Light bodied and easy drinking. Nice and clean, the hop presence is unique but a little bit too subtle.

Some dude from Illinois on beeradvocate


Hopslam Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Michigan

Imperial IPA - ABV 10.00%

Normally this beer is a seasonal that sells out quickly during the winter in the Fargo area. The winter season returned with a random blizzard late March and it returned with an extra keg of Hopslam to the West Fargo JL Beers. Weird on both accounts but I’ll take it. I mean, the latter half of the last sentence. Screw spring blizzards.

Let’s read a review about this beer together! And no understand a single about it… Together!

Bottle courtesy of IMtheOptimator: Poured a slightly hazy yellow color ale with a huge foamy head with great retention and lacing. Aroma of citrusy hops is well balance with sweet caramel malt – the smell of this beer is really great and I can only compare with 3F dreadnaught in term of greatness. Taste is such a well balance mix between sweet caramel malt, bitter and citrusy hops and a great floral aspect to hold it all together. This is definitely something I will want and drink some more.

Some dude from Quebec on beeradvocate

I agree with the last sentence. It’s the easiest Imperial IPA to drink. It cost quite a bit but other than that, I have no complaints. 

Late Random Start: Foo Fighters - Razor

I’m not familiar with this song but I’m familiar with Dave Grohl being a badass. Need to listen to more.


Mikkeller 19

Mikkeller APS, Denmark

American IPA - 6.8% ABV

19 is a great number. I was 19 when I went to my first Folk Festival. I got drunk for the first time in Canada (SO I WAS LEGAL. NO JUDGING). I survived my first year of college. I played tennis well. I was living the life man. So 19 seem fair enough a name to try this out. Found out they have over 19 varieties of hops in this bad boy. Dayyyyyyum. 

Here’s a review to confuse us both.

On tap at Sessions in Greensboro.Poured into an imperial nonic a deep hazed burnt orange with a well defined one finger white crown,I loved the intense orange color of the beer.A mix of deep pine resin,grass,and grapferuit rind in the nose,the aromas didnt jump at ya but they were appetizing.Awesome hop complexity on the palate,resiny and citric with mild onion-like flavors as well,a sweet biscuit malt base actually holds up well to the big hops.A real nice complex ipa,most of the different hop flavors came thru from each hop making it very unique,I loved it.

Some dude from North Carolina on beer advocate

I’ll one finger your white crown. 


Trout Hop Black IPA

Grand Teton Brewing Co, Idaho

American Black Ale - 8.5 ABV


When purchasing I noticed the trout. I sifted through my mind and remembered a little ugly fish that accompanies every package of Two Hearted Ale. I decided to grab the beer on that bit alone even though I’ve had Lost Continent plenty of times and love that beer to death. Grand Teton has done me no wrong. I also read an article about a US poll voting Mike Trout the best MLB player. Here’s to you Mr. Trout!

Here’s the part where we read a review together and scratch our heads… together:

On tap at the Vine Club. Good hop aroma. Black with a white head, lace sheet. Would be an awesome cask, carbonation right there though suitable. Grapefruit taste, expensive pint for Denver at $8. Decent drinkability, roasted malt, malt there to hold back the grapefruit.

Some dude from Ontario, Canada on beeradvocate

Short and sweet and not exactly to the point like most beer reviews. But he used “lace sheet”. I often think of my bedding when I drink beer too. Glad I’m not the only one. 

There’s always a smokey, dry feeling left in the back of my throat whenever I drink dark IPAs. I don’t find it incredibly enjoyable and I think it makes my breath smell like weird tree. This beer has that but the first 2/3rds of every drink make up for it. Delicious. 


Alaskan IPA

Alaskan Brewery, Alaska

American IPA - 6.20 ABV

I drank this with a Gyro Burger from a great North-Western company called JL Beers. The pairing was incredible. I was in heaven. Then I got a free glass to wash down more beers to celebrate this glorious event.

Here’s the part where we look at review together and not comprehend a single thing.

This brand had a short “keg only” showing last summer, but beer enthusiasts cried out for more. Alaskan appeased the thirsty crowd with their IPA, now bottled year-round.

Drops into the glass with a short stack of foam that subsides to a very sticky yet thin lace. A tad hazed within the dim golden-colored brew. Evergreen, hemp and lemon zest hop aromas attack the nose (in a loving way).

No lack of smoothness here—the moderate body holds onto a light carbonation that lends a dash of crispness to the mouthfeel. Big healthy herbal, hemp seed, blond tobacco and ruby red grapefruit hop flavors jump up first. Hop bitterness is not shy, with a resin burn that does not seem to want to go away. Malt sweetness and bread flavors are only underlying flavors. Finishes bitter but fresh, with a long lingering hop flavor in the dryness.

Drinkability scores high, which is great, but remember this beer is 6.2 percent ABV. Spot-on for the style and a hophead’s dream. A half-dozen Northwest oysters per bottle is a must—Barron Point, Penn Cove and Willapa Bay would all be especially delicious with this.

Some dudes from Massachusetts on beeradvocate

I’m sure if I put a crappy IPA in my Alaskan glass, I’ll trick my brain into thinking I’m drinking well. It’s like judging a book by its cover and forcing yourself to love it. Just let me know if you have any better suggestions. 


Every Tuesday, I choose 3 or more albums to listen to for the upcoming week. I usually get through the albums once a day. Then each album makes its way into a massive archive of albums I listened to in my Spotify playlist. I plan on doing this until I die or go deaf. This weekly “Transition” post will be about how much I did or didn’t like the albums and what I have to look forward to next. Find my Spotify playlists on my user account, vheissu15.

Current Lineup

Bonnie Raitt – Slipstream

Much to my mother’s disapproval and the need to delve into as much as the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s lineup before my time is up, I think it’s fitting to start it all off with Ms. Bonnie Raitt. Her only material I’m aware of is the one song Bon Iver covered from her, and I haven’t even listened to the original version yet. She seems to be on everyone’s radar  especially if she’s kicking the opening night off.

I’m also unaware why my mother hates her. She said something along the lines of “ewwwww country” and from the first time through, I don’t know if my mom knew what she was talking about.

Noah Gunderson – Ledges

I have a good friend that is absolutely in love with Gunderson so I’m only going off this assumption that “OH GOD HE’S SO FANTASTIC LISTEN TO HIM NOW ASAP PLEASE NOW”.

Bruce Springsteen – Devils and Dust

Have you guys ever had a problem with a disc transfer? I used to have a laptop that couldn’t read my copy of Devils and Dust. I never listened to my CD player on my car radio and I try to scrobble as much as I can, so I ended up ditching this album all together. Then I bought a new laptop and presto!!! I have it available for digital listening. Oh the things I do to take revenge at my technology. And oh the things I do to get as much useless data for all the music I listen to.

The Black Keys – Thickfreakness

Seriously, these guys had 5 times as many albums as I had thought when I first heard Brothers.

Previous Listens

Twin Forks – S/T (2014, Dine Alone)

I love whatever Chris Carrabba has done. He’s the kind of dude I look at and go, “Well, if I was a woman, I’m sure there would be nothing stopping me from spazzing out about him as much as I do with Lauren Mayberry now.” I made sure to get my hands on this album as soon as possible. The idea of combining Carrabba’s voice with the surging folk-rock genre is a whole lot of fun time.

Helms Alee – Sleepwalking Sailor (2014, Sargent House)

A strong suggestion from the wonderful Productive Outs podcast members. I usually get all heavy genres of music from them along with a dosage of funny baseball talk from the drummer of Thrice and the bassist of Kowloon Walled City. Love those guys. Love this band.

Death Cab For Cutie – Narrow Stairs (2008, Atlantic / Bursurk)

Can’t do their new album after Transatlanticism. Can hardly do this after Transatlanticism.

Bright Eyes – Cassadega (2007, Saddle Creek)

Even with recent lawsuits and allegations, I’ve been giving their stuff a listen through lately mostly because I’m 10 years late on these guys. Like most fans I know, I think Oberst’s voice is worse than your dad’s farts but there’s redemption in song-writing and creative themes.