It’s been awhile! Every week, I choose 3 or more albums to listen to. I usually get through the albums once a day. Then each album makes its way into a massive archive of albums I listened to in my Spotify playlist. I plan on doing this until I die or go deaf. This weekly “Transition” post will be about how much I did or didn’t like the albums and what I have to look forward to next. Find my Spotify playlists on my user account, vheissu15.
Current Lineup
Gojira - L’Enfant Sauvage
In preparation of the concert I’m going to in the next couple of months, I’ve rearranged my playlist to help prepare me for them. Gojira is one of the bands opening for the Mastodon show I’m going to next month. The band name is excellent. The technicality is just as excellent. I want to say I’m ready to see these guys but I’m sure I’ll still be blown away.
Kvelertak - Meir

Kvelertak is in the same bill as Gojira and Mastodon. And I like ‘em just as much from the first couple of listens. This show will do no wrong.
Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
Queens is exactly a day before the Mastodon show! If I had the money to take a leave of absence and spend my time in Minneapolis for 2 weeks straight, I would. Manchester Orchestra is playing the week before…. Along with the Winnipeg Folk Festival, I have a great summer coming up. On top of all of this, Chelsea Wolfe will be opening up . Ufff. Can’t wait.
Previous Listens
TesseracT - One

"One" is a little too long for my taste but I love hearing some TesseracT with appropriate screaming added to the math. I had this as a soundtrack to some jogs and it normally got me through excercise without feeling terrible.
Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis
Her cameo on the newest Russian Circles album was enough to have my attention. I mentioned it earlier but I’m going to be enjoyably creeped out to see her live opening up for Queens. Her music perpetuates any type of childhood fear I’ve ever had in dark spirits but stays in tact of any enjoyable genre within the atmospheric/metal realm. I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable with her music or why I find any enjoyent in feeling uncomfortable with it but it’s how it is. 
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

I’ll always remember this album as the title that sounds most like a Game of Thrones character.


Polar Vortex

Two Brothers Brewing Company, Illinois

Munich Dunkel Lager - ABV % 59.0

It’s described as a Dunkel Lager so I had to figure what it all meant. So it appears, dunkel is just a common beer phrase out in Germany for darker lagers that give out maltier tastes. I like it a lot!

Here’s the section where we look at a review that hardly makes sense!

22oz bottle, no apparent freshness date, but I know it was fresh on the shelves this week. This is my 56th Two Brothers rating/review - hard to believe.
L - brown body with a creamy ivory colored head that slowly fades to a foam
S - more chocolate on the nose than expected, toasted grain, yeast
T - toasty grain, chocolate, caramel, bready yeast, nutty, some grassy & spicy noble hop toward the finish
F - very creamy and smooth, medium-full body - maybe a bit full for the style but not complaining; nice clean finish
O - really solid beer with some nice characteristics, pretty refreshing; glad I grabbed one!

Not the most understandable review since there are not a lot of reviews for this beer but oh well. When I see “more chocolate on the nose than expected”, I think all these “top reviewers” are actually just brown nosing craft beers in general.

I liked this beer a lot but I do agree with a lot of reviewers, it’s more suited towards colder weather. On a day such as mid 70’s, it didn’t fit in well. 


Samuel Adams Rebel IPA

Boston Beer Company, Massachusetts

American IPA - ABV 6.5%

I don’t know if beer gurus generally steer away from Sam Adams in favor for “actual craft beers” or if I’m just visioning every beer lover to be pretentious butt holes. All I can say is I don’t want to be a part of any beer movement that hates on any larger brewers that make decent beers like this.

Here’s the part of the blog post where we look at a beer review and not comprehend a thing.

With the teeth-churning, palate stripping, enamel ripping properties that West Coast breweries achieve, the Sam Adams brand gets into the game, backed with its East Coast traditions of introducing a slew of drinkers to better crafted brands. But as many of those underwhelm the connoisseurs of craft, how does Rebel IPA fare?

Bright and copper in its pour, ribbons of gold, straw and amber pierce through the beer’s large clarity. Its slight haze is a testament to the beer’s high hop influence. Its frothy foam structures build a honeycomb structure of foam and then recedes to a delicate creme late. All the while broken lace clings to the glass.

Hop forward aromatics lead with white grapefruit, barely ripened orange, and a grassy sense that is vibrantly earthy and citrusy. Its moderate underpinning of nutty, grainy, and caramelly scents support the hops and almost strikes a balance to the hops.

Yet to taste, the beer’s early biscotti sweetness borrows caramels, honey and confection before its turn to citrus in the middle. But its the roundness of taste on the palate that delivers those grapefruit, orange and verbena-type taste that offers a charged lemon and lime character. Leafy, stemmy and grassy late, the beer’s hop dominance is short.

Its malty-dry mouthfeel starts out creamy yet racy. Its that abundance of carbonation that carries off the beer’s sweetness and ensures a crisply bitter finish with grass-type astringency, minerally bite, and acute resinous dryness.

I rather like Rebel IPA a lot, but it does little to stand out among the ranks of bolder and more complex beers of its style. But pairing well with great company, pizza, cheeseburgers and savory appetizers gives this ale a welcome home.

Some dude from Kentucky on beeradvocate (this guy wins all the awards for “Whatever That Guy Said About Beer Award”

My mind is still buzzing.. From reading that excerpt. Not the beer. 

Still can’t get over calling the mouthfeel “creamy yet racy”

Random Start: Beach House - Take Care

I honestly can’t tell a Beach House song apart from the next one and they have 4 albums out. It’s easy to tell them apart from all the other bands and I don’t mind the way they sound “dreamish” but it’s something I can only take so much of. I’d probably go to see the first 8 pictures of actual beaches houses on google images than see them live. 


Fallen Angel Sweet Stout

Empyrean Brewing Company, Nebraska

Stout - ABV 5.50%

Hey gurl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I bought this beer the day after seeing my Director of Church Education from the church I haven’t gone to in almost 4 years. The thought didn’t cross my mind until I started writing this post actually. If I’m going to hell, then fine! As long as I’ve had a go at this beer at least a couple times in my life.

Here’s the part where we analyze a review together but fail because we didn’t understand a single thing from it.

Brown pour that looks black in the glass. Loose, off white, tan head. About 2 fingers. Sticky lacing is splotchy

Faint lactose aroma. Coffee underneath. Roasted malt and almond bark. 

A balanced taste. Sweet up front and in the end. Middle has a coffee tannin, cocoa. Soft licorice and nutty flavors come and go. Body tends to me smooth and creamy, but the tannin breaks it up. 

Well balanced sweet stout. Carbonation is medium and leaves some of the sweet lactose in place

Some dude from Colorado on beeradvocate

The restaurant I work at blew a keg in under 2 days of this stuff and I didn’t have the chance to try it. It was an easy decision to scope it out at the local beer store and give it a chance. I can see why it went so fast. Pretty darn tasty. 

Random Start: Misfits - Walk Among Us

I borrowed this album from a friend and haven’t looked into at all. So there’s really nothing I can add to this post except… this song wasn’t too bad to listen to for the first time around!


Long Strange Tripel

Boulevard Brewing Company, Missouri

Tripel - ABV 9.2%

Nothing strange about it. Usually I hate tripel’s because they usually taste like blonde ales hopped up on carbonation (and blonde ales are boring to me). I can almost feels the bubbles run down my throat. It’s not a comfortable feeling. The Long Strange still has the carbonation but it doesn’t have the taste that a typical blonde ale or tripel has. The taste just sits in the back of my tongue and feels like it a layered pile of bad breath. Long Strange sits well. 

Here’s a beer review where we read something together and guess what half it even means.

Atlanta Ale meeting. Good head on a Belgian light colour. Thick mouthfeel and lots of malt. Quite yeasty. Smooth taste, yeasty aroma and yeast in taste. On the sweet side, but not too sweet. Spices like corriander. Well suitably carbonated. Not a bad one.

Some dude from Atlanta on beeradvisor

Every time I see the word mouthfeel… I’ll skip what I was thinking. You know you don’t pass over the word like it’s nothing dirty. 


Schell’s Fresh Hop

August Schell Brewing Company, Minnesota

German Pilsener - ABV 5.0%

I haven’t tried many pilsners in my day besides the excessive amounts of piss water they handed out for cheap at mug nights during college. This and Pilsner Urqeull are up there for beers I’ve really enjoyed.

Here’s the part of BEER TIME! where we look at a review together and not understand anything about it:

Hazy pale straw gold, fluffy head of white foam. Sticky halo of lacing in the glass, lasting surface coverage. Lasting surface skim.

Sulfuric lager yeast aroma initially, subtle hop character in the background, pleasant but the lager yeastiness is almost too overpowering. As it warms the Mosaic hop gets a little more pungent and green, slightly catty with traces of green onion.

Simple pilsner malt forms the base vehicle that showcases the subtle and fresh Mosaic hops nicely. Light grassy bitterness, honeysuckle, shortbread. Light bodied and easy drinking. Nice and clean, the hop presence is unique but a little bit too subtle.

Some dude from Illinois on beeradvocate


Hopslam Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Michigan

Imperial IPA - ABV 10.00%

Normally this beer is a seasonal that sells out quickly during the winter in the Fargo area. The winter season returned with a random blizzard late March and it returned with an extra keg of Hopslam to the West Fargo JL Beers. Weird on both accounts but I’ll take it. I mean, the latter half of the last sentence. Screw spring blizzards.

Let’s read a review about this beer together! And no understand a single about it… Together!

Bottle courtesy of IMtheOptimator: Poured a slightly hazy yellow color ale with a huge foamy head with great retention and lacing. Aroma of citrusy hops is well balance with sweet caramel malt – the smell of this beer is really great and I can only compare with 3F dreadnaught in term of greatness. Taste is such a well balance mix between sweet caramel malt, bitter and citrusy hops and a great floral aspect to hold it all together. This is definitely something I will want and drink some more.

Some dude from Quebec on beeradvocate

I agree with the last sentence. It’s the easiest Imperial IPA to drink. It cost quite a bit but other than that, I have no complaints. 

Late Random Start: Foo Fighters - Razor

I’m not familiar with this song but I’m familiar with Dave Grohl being a badass. Need to listen to more.